approximately 60 mins

How many treatments and how often?

The number of treatments that is required varies based on the type of disorder, length of disorder and each person’s rate of response to acupuncture. In general, acute disorders may require 3-6 treatments to observe effects. For chronic disorders, 10-12 treatments may be required to observe effects. The basic principle is, if it didn’t occur overnight, it will not go away overnight.

90% of our patients receive significant or complete resolution of their pain, women’s health issues, or digestive health issues. So the sooner you call us the sooner we can help you live a PAIN-FREE and High Quality Life.

Do the Acupuncture Pins Hurt & Is it safe?

Acupuncture pins are hair thin. In fact, they are thinner than a Cat’s Whiskers. You will usually feel a little sting when the pins are inserted.

After the insertion of the acupuncture pins you will feel a very unique sensation. Each person may experience different sensations, but the most common sensations: heaviness, tingling, numbness, aching, soreness, warmth or nothing at all. Should you experience any discomfort, inform the Acupuncturist and they will adjust the pins accordingly. When performed by a trained licensed professional, acupuncture is extremely safe. Only sterile and disposable pins are used here at Long Life Health
With Acupuncture you get SIDE BENEFITS not side effects!

Things to avoid before your appointment

Within 2 hours before your appointment with us, please avoid tea, coffee, alcohol, exercise, emotional upsets. During your appointment, we check your body by Traditional Chinese diagnosis, including the pulse and the tongue (please do not brush or clear your tongue coating). The things that we ask you to avoid can disturb your circulation, the functioning of the organs and the colour of the tongue. In case you cannot avoid these things, please mention them to us when you come in so that we can take them into account and achieve the most accurate diagnosis for you.

In case your appointment is close to a meal time, we suggest you have something light to eat to support your treatment.

What should I wear?

We recommend you wear loose and comfortable clothing for your acupuncture session. If your practitioner needs to access a point on your leg, for example, it is easier if you have pants that can be loosely rolled up. Comfortable clothing is also easier to relax in during a treatment and when you are relaxed you will receive the full benefits of the acupuncture.

Should I eat before I come in?

Yes. Make sure you have a little food. We don’t recommend that you come in with an empty stomach.

Can I fill out the forms beforehand?

Yes. Once you book your appointment in, our friendly staff will direct you to fill out the form online

Methods of payment

We can accept payment by cash, EFTPOS and credit card on the day of your appointment. If your private health insurance covers acupuncture, bring your membership card and we can help you claim your rebate at the time of payment with HICAPS.

Treatments and services by Chinese medicine practitioners are not covered by Medicare.