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Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture have been used in Asia since times immemorial. But it wasn’t brought to the Western world till the nineteenth century, when French, British, and German sailors began bringing it back from their trips to China. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine aren’t new, but here, it is not extensively understood or utilised in the mainstream clinical community.


You are in the right place, if you want to try out acupuncture and Chinese medicine but don’t know where to start. We have several high-quality practices to observe and locate your pain point. We will assist you in relieving the pain and help you manipulate it. In addition, we treat a wide variety of ailments, right from lower back pain, insomnia, allergies, stress, to digestion issues.


However, locating an awesome acupuncture medical institution may be tough, particularly if you’re not acquainted with the language or tradition of the Chinese. At Long Life Health Clinic, we offer you a wide range of traditional medical practices for overall wellness. We utilise the traditionally sourced herbs to clean your body internally and help you feel better.

Long Life Health is a Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Clinic. With over ten years of experience in traditional techniques, we can help you improve your health naturally. We consider traditional Chinese medicine as the key factor to improve your health and we use acupuncture to cure pain. Furthermore, these practices are widely used for general wellness, to manage stress, complications, and migraines. Chinese herbs will assist you in discovering the power of conventional remedies to effectively deal with Chronic pain. At Long life health, we use the game-changing Chinese remedy that remained a secret in the olden times. Our conventional Chinese medicine and acupuncture clinic will assist you with severe chronic pain and other health issues. We have a team of experts who have been practicing conventional Chinese medicine for years.

Our Health And Wellness Services


We are one of the best Chinese medicine and acupuncture clinics in Melbourne. Our specialties
are traditional Chinese medicine and health acupuncture treatments. Our services include but are not limited to the following.



The experts at Long Life Health Clinic will assist your body to construct the capacity to heal itself through the means of acupuncture. This can potentially be maintained utilising your blood flow. Blood includes all of the vitamins critical to your lifestyle, like oxygen, water, platelets, hormones, proteins, glucose, etc., and wastes and pollution composed of cell activities.

Chinese Herbal Medicine


Pharmaceutical tablets harm your body through a variety of side effects. Long-life Chinese herbs may be the high-quality, time-demonstrated strategy for all of your fitness issues.

Functional Pulse Diagnosis


Chinese Pulse Diagnosis is taken into consideration to be the gold standard for recognising what's medically incorrect with a patient.

Manual Therapies


Painless remedies like Infrared remedies, Gua Sha, and Cupping.

What Do We Treat?


Chinese medicine acupuncture is the best way to get rid of all your health issues. We provide the best results with our acupuncture techniques to help increase the blood flow. Here are a few other things that we handle best.



Different factors contribute to infertility in these modern times. This is an especially difficult experience for the couple. Our services at Long Life Health will assist you with boosting your fertility with acupuncture at a lower fee and with no side effects. We also help with male fertility, sperm quality, egg quality improvement, miscarriage, and Luteal phase defect.

IVF & Assisted Reproduction

We assist you to get the chance to become a parent with the help of IVF and Assisted Reproduction. We additionally have IVF preparation, IVF support, and remedies if you have already experienced a failed IVF process. 

Pregnancy & Obstetrics

Acupuncture will help you with lack of growth, labour pain, fatigue, and help you prep for the birthing process. We also provide postpartum support to new mothers. 

Women's Health, Wellness And Gynaecology


Women go through a lot of issues such as menstrual disorders, PCOS/PCOD, low libido, uterine fibroids and menopause. We offer traditional treatments to cure these issues.

Neurological Conditions


We treat conditions such as stroke, neurological disorder, Bell's palsy, and prosopalgia.

Pain Management


Get the high-quality natural, safe, effective, and drug-free pain management alternative from the Long Life Health Clinic.

Internal Medicine

We deal with all persistent and fatigue diseases, head, hair, and scalp issues, mouth and throat symptoms, stress, anxiety, and depression.


Why Choose Long Life Health Clinic?


With over years of experience in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, Long Life Health has helped loads of people improve their lives across Melbourne. We have some professional practitioners on our crew who will work with you to create a less expensive, more powerful remedy plan that suits your needs. To address your queries or to know more about our services, contact us on (03) 9375 2928 or write to us at

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