Dr Dennis Quach

Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner

Dennis completed a Bachelor of Medicine (Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine) – Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). During the six-year period of study in China, he also practiced at many Shanghai’s largest TCM hospital.

He is the third generation in his family practicing Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, where he gets the most advantage from his father’s and grandfather’s experiences in medicine.

Dennis has been practicing for over 12 years. He has been successfully helping many patients with his exceptional skill. His professional manner and extensive knowledge ensure that patients receive genuine and empathetic care.

He continues to expand his Acupuncture professional development to ensure he is always at the cutting edge of the treatment methods he uses. This has taken Dennis around the world, learning from eminent practitioners such as Professor Ming Qing Zhu, L.Ac., who is regarded as one of the world’s leading experts in Acupuncture. His innovative approach has brought relief from pain to tens of thousands of people as his ideas have been widely adopted.

Dennis also studied with others, notably Dr. Xiaochuan Pan, a Registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine who has during his career pushed the boundaries of what we see as possible through Traditional Chinese Medicine.


  • Registered Chinese medicine practitioner with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia (CMBA)
  • Registered acupuncturist with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia(CMBA)
  • Member of Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA)
  • Member of Federation of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Societies of Australia Inc (FCMA)
  • Registered practitioner with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)

Internship at Yueyang Hospital

Shanghai China

Dr Dennis Quach & Dr Zhang YaSheng

Oncology Department

Dr Li Changzhi & Dr Dennis Quach

Acupuncture Department

Dr Richard Tan & Dr Dennis Quach

Balance method of Acupuncture

Dr Dennis Quach & Dr Pan Xiaochuan

Acupuncture Spirit

Dr Dennis Quach & Dr Zhu Minhqing

Zhu’s Scalp Acupuncture

100% Positive Reviews

Google Review
Robert Hemala
Dr Dennis is fantastic after a few treatments all of my pain went away. He made the whole experience very easy I would fully recommend him.
Lynn Smailes
Thanks to Dr Dennis's skilful treatment, entrenched problems with my neck, back, and even a bunion, are under control. Amazed and grateful
Yi wen Lu
之前因為一次交通事故導致我的中背一直酸痛不舒服,西醫試過沒有效,後來找到Dennis 中醫師,經過2次的療程後,解決了我的問題,非常感謝Dennis 的醫術,妙手回春👍👍👍
Helen C
My migraines started 6 years ago, November 2016. I had a minimum of two migraines a week. Then September and October 2022 I started getting them every day. I have been to many doctors, done scans and taken beta blockers for the past three years, no improvement. My condition was making me anxious and depressed. I would just wake up and swallow migraine tablets to get by. That is why I thought I would try acupuncture. I wish I found Dr Dennis earlier. I cannot thank him enough. I saw improvements from my first visit. He is truly skilled in his profession and is genuinely dedicated to improve your health. I still go once a week for another condition I have, but I can honestly say in these past three months I have only had the occasional mild headache. Thank you, Dr Dennis for giving me my life back.
Jean Sng
Dennis is the main acupuncturist at this clinic and he is professional, soft-spoken and his acupuncture skills are amazing! He has helped me greatly with my chronic right shoulder pain with just a few sessions, and where other acupuncturists had failed to do. His method is accurate, painless, and efficacious. I would not hesitate to recommend Dennis to anyone seeking relief from chronic aches and pains!
Jennifer Waters
I have had acupuncture as a matter of course for forty years and believe Dr Dennis Quach is the most skilful practitioner I have consulted. Dr Dennis is a highly qualified and skilled specialist with an wholistic approach to pain management, reducing the adverse effects of misplaced lifestyle choices and, age related conditions. His approach is modern, without discomfort and much improvement is achieved in a small amount of time. He is dedicated to helping his patients achieve relief from pain and also, achieve their health goals through providing the highest standard of treatment and advice. His rooms are spotlessly clean, scrupulous care is taken with procedures and COVID precautions are applied. I recommend Dr Dennis wholeheartedly.
Erica Perfecto
Dr. Dennis is simply amazing and I highly recommend him! 💯👌🏼😉 I had a terrible unbalance in my digest system, I would not stop burping day and night, everything I eat was just bad to my tummy. Did food allergy and intolerance tests, every GP would just give me tablets and never fixed the root or cause of the issue. After 2 years of not seeing results I was rapidly loosing weight and heading towards depression 😢 My social life was also affected as I couldn’t go out on casual dinners with friends.💔 I found Dr. Dennis on Google search and it was like a sing from heaven 🙌🏼 he was my last shot at my gut health. I saw him twice a week for 3 months and with a combination treatment of Acupunture, Chinese medicine and a veggie diet, I slowly but shortly started feeling changes in my digestion. We started to gradually incorporate different types of veggies, fruits and meet; until one day I just realised I was eating normal and feeling myself again! 😃 It is been 2 months now since my treatment finished and I still keep a healthy diet as suggested by Dr Dennis, but have not had any issues since. So much gratitude and blessings to Dr. Dennis! You are a true Healing Angel on Earth! Thank you! 💙 Erica
Roslyn Mitchell
I commenced treatment with Dr Dennis six weeks ago. The improvement in my flexibility is a welcome surprise. The pain relief was measurable after two weeks. I will continue these appointments and will be forever grateful for Dr. Dennis's knowledge. Five stars and then some.