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Sperm Quality


Improve Sperm Quality with Acupuncture


If you received a dissatisfactory result from your semen analysis, you are not alone. In fact, male infertility due to reduced sperm quality is one of the main reasons behind the need for IVF treatment. But what if we told you that there is a natural and safe treatment method that may boost your sperm quality while providing additional benefits such improved quality of sleep, better digestion, and stress relief? According to several scientific studies, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine have the potential to supercharge male fertility and improve the chances of conception.


How is this Achieved?


Acupuncture and Chinese herbs may resolve symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, low motility, and poor sperm count by correcting imbalances in the body. Specifically, acupuncture treatment may improve sperm quality by:


  1. Supporting proper hormone signalling.

  2. Facilitating hormone metabolism.

  3. Enhancing organ function.

  4. Promoting circulation (testicular blood flow).

  5. Relieving stress and anxiety which can hinder conception.


Experienced practitioners at Long Life Health recommend the combination of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture to give the best chance of improvement. Ideally the patient should commit to a series of regular treatments spread over several months.


What to Expect at the Acupuncture Clinic


During your visit to an acupuncture clinic such as Long Life Health, the practitioner will probably ask you detailed questions about your reproductive health, diet, exercise routine, mood, or sleep patterns. He or she may also conduct a physical examination of the tongue and feel the pulse at your wrists to understand your condition and the root of your imbalance. After the exams, an individual treatment plan will be presented to you. Sometimes the practitioner may incorporate Chinese herbs into the treatment plan.


If you are conservative or nervous about having needles inserted in ‘sensitive places,’ then you will be relieved to know that isn’t how the treatment works. An acupuncture point on one part of the body may produce a reaction in a completely different region. The acupuncturist will most likely needle points on the abdomen, back, lower legs, or arms to treat your sperm quality.



The Research


The scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of acupuncture in improving sperm quality is quite convincing as shown below.


According to a peer-reviewed article published in the widely acclaimed Fertility and Sterility Journal by Pei et al. (2005), acupuncture treatments administered regularly over 5 weeks led to a significant increase in sperms structural integrity and motility among infertile men.

A study by Zhang M et al. (2002) from the Huazhong University of Science and Technology recorded a 22% increase in fertilisation rates among men who underwent acupuncture treatment during IVF treatment.

Another study in the Fertility and Sterility Journal proved that stimulation of acupuncture points on the lower abdomen increased testicular blood flow (Cakmak et al., 2008).

In a pilot study by Siterman S et al. (2000), the authors attempted to identify the impact of acupuncture on sperm density by administering 10 treatments. The findings showed that the previously infertile men were able to produce sufficient sperm due to a significant increase in sperm density.


Bonus Tips for Holistic Wellbeing


Long Life Health is dedicated to helping you achieve a state of balance and holistic wellbeing. Therefore, we advise patients to incorporate positive lifestyle changes to improve their sperm quality. They include:


  1. Avoid wearing tight pants – sperms thrive in cooler temperatures.

  1. Exercise regularly

  2. Be careful with your laptop and mobile phone usage – their electromagnetic radiation is harmful

  3. Maintain a healthy diet comprising of whole plant-based foods.

  4. Manage stress through relaxation and acupuncture treatment

  5. Avoid coffee, smoking, and alcohol.

  6. Watch your weight.

  7. Frequent sex has been shown to improve sperm quality.


To sum it up, if your sperm motility or sperm count is below par, then acupuncture is an alternative worth trying. The treatment has been refined for thousands of years and is supported by a variety of recent scientific studies. If you want to book an appointment or quench your curiosity regarding male fertility and acupuncture, kindly contact Long Life Health.