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Chinese Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture Therapy in Moonee Ponds


More and more people in Moonee Ponds are gravitating towards traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) in recent years. If we compare it with Western medicine practices, TCM has a different approach towards health, wellness, and how our body works. TCM prescribes Chinese herbal medicine that helps normalise the imbalanced energy or Qi (pronounced as Chee) that is believed to be running through your body.

Although there are many sceptics of this form of traditional treatment, with the side-effects caused by the modern medicines and not to mention how painfully expensive these treatments are, people at Moonee Ponds are drawn towards this traditional form of therapy from Long Life Health. These treatments have shown positive results in treating various disorders, specifically gynaecological and gastrointestinal disorders.

At Long Life Health, we have dedicated ourselves to spreading the holistic way of living through traditional Chinese Herbs and Chinese Acupuncture treatments. We take pride in successfully giving results through our acupuncture treatments and other traditional therapies.

What Is the Acupuncture Technique Used in This Treatment?


In Traditional Chinese Acupuncture treatment, through various techniques of TCM, stimulation is transmitted to specific body parts depending on the issue. In 2003, WHO listed that certain conditions like high and low blood pressure, gastric infections can be effectively treated through acupuncture. It helps in stimulating the blood flow and assists it to reach specific parts of the body that need healing. The acupuncture technique aids the body in removing toxins and fastens the healing process.


Some of the techniques used instead of needles include:

Heat (moxibustion)


Moxibustion is an acupuncture technique wherein the acupuncturist burns mugwort leaves to enhance the healing process. Practitioners say that the heat that is generated by burning the mugwort leaves results in increased blood flow throughout the body and helps achieve good health and wellness.

Suction (cupping)


Suction or cupping therapy is a technique used in acupuncture that involves suction cups used exclusively for this treatment. These cups are placed on the skin to create suction, and this suction helps improve the energy flow in your body and enables the healing process.



In acupressure treatment, our practitioners use their elbow, feet, fingers or palms and other special tools to apply pressure to specific points of the body that require attention and help channelise the body's energy.

Acupuncture through electromagnetic energy


In this acupuncture technique, the practitioners use thin needles, and a mild electric current is passed between the needles to evoke specific pressure points in your body linked to the cause of various health issues.



Friction Therapy is usually done in combination with other acupuncture techniques and is mainly done on the fleshy part of our body. In this technique, the practitioner scrapes the skin's surface using a blunt-edged object with the help of lubricant in the form of sesame oil or Vaseline.

Reasons for Selecting Long Life Health for Fertility Treatments


Apart from acupuncture treatments, we are well known for our fertility treatments. Unfortunately, fertility issues have become very common in Moonee Ponds, Australia despite all the advancements in modern medicines. Both male & female infertility treatment has become quite painful, expensive, and ineffective. It is disheartening to know about the ordeal that couples go through to embrace parenthood. Our practitioners have years of experience in successfully treating fertility problems through traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

Our experienced practitioners perform tests to determine the root cause of the imbalanced energy in your body meridians and will prescribe the best possible treatments based on the results of those tests. The course of treatment includes suitable acupuncture and the use of Long Life Chinese herbs, and these treatments and therapies have a proven track record of curing fertility issues.

Acupuncture treatment helps increase the blood flow to the uterus and boost fertility by slowly releasing the required hormones and reducing the stress level. Traditional Chinese Medicine has a 3000-year-old history and it has successfully evolved over the years and shown positive results in treating fertility issues. At Long Life Health Clinic, Traditional Chinese Medicines are naturally sourced, rest assured there are no side effects on consuming these life-saving herbs. In addition to the Acupuncture and TCM herbs for fertility, we also recommend changing to a holistic lifestyle. A positive lifestyle change has shown positive results in treating fertility issues. Our experts will help you make all the necessary changes. Get in touch with our team on (03) 9375 2928 or send an email with your concern at  to start your holistic journey with us.