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How many treatments will I need to see results?
Depending on what treatment you are receiving but generally you should expect to see positive improvements within the first 3 treatments

Do you accept private health insurance?

What is the process?
Once your initial consultation has been scheduled we will email you our new patient form. If you are unable to fill in this prior to your appointment there is also the option to fill out the form at our clinic via our iPad or on paper. However please allow extra time to do this

Do I need to bring my results or paperwork from my specialist, GP or other health care profession?
Yes. If you have any results or referral letters please attach them when you fill out your new patient form. Alternatively you can bring them in with you for your first visit.

What happens after the first visit?
You will walk out with a clear next step. Our practitioners will outline a treatment plan for you to achieve your health goals.