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Best Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture Treatment in Essendon


Today, infertility has become an intrinsic part of the reproductive health of many individuals and a priority health problem that exists across the world. According to recent research, the worldwide generality of infertility is rising by 0.291% to 0.370% every year. Various countries are addressing low birth rates and this situation is a censorious issue that has to be solved. As we move back to the previous record, approximately 48.5 million couples across the globe cannot have a child even after years of trying.

Infertility is one of the major effects associated with the standardised life of the modern world and it can be cured with the help of Chinese herbal medicine. Married couples might go through emotional problems due to pregnancy failure and might face the risk of anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems. It might be frustrating, time-consuming, and too confusing to figure out which fertility treatments in Essendon might work for you. People often take up expensive supplements, which might not give fruitful results. We use the most sophisticated form of natural medicine across the globe that is best-in-class and recognised as a proven solution to your health problems. The possibilities and claims seem endless when it comes to enhancing fertility with Chinese herbal medicine.

Apart from the advancements in the new era of medicine and technology, there are few women who are unable to get pregnant. However, it can be extremely difficult for a woman to face judgment due to this. And, it is equally challenging to the man. This condition leads to the couple feeling distressed and suffering from mental health problems.

How Will Our Acupuncture Therapy Boost Fertility?


Long Life Health has been treating infertility issues and supporting the good health of women for numerous years with TCM herbs, traditional Chinese medicine, and acupuncture. Several scientific research and studies were conducted to discover the reliability of these methods and the results have been compelling since then. Acupuncture treatment’s objective lies in reducing stress, promoting calmness, and boosting the body’s ability to come by the creation of life. It involves the insertion of the needles in the particular points on the body that are interconnected to the organs of reproduction including the brain. Long Life Health always suggests its fertility patients adopt a holistic and positive lifestyle. Our Chinese herbs and Chinese acupuncture treatment also improve the efficacy of fertility treatments. Being a reputed fertility treatment clinic, we have mentioned a few reasons how acupuncture treatment will help you with infertility.

●    Aids good blood flow to the uterus
●    Boosts the weak uterus lining and lowers the chances of a miscarriage
●    Facilitates the growth of an embryo
●    Boosts fertility and promotes the production of hormones
●    Enhances the functionality of follicles & the ovary
●    Improves the benefit of modern infertility treatments
●    Provides a potentially effective and low-risk treatment

Why Is Long Life Health an Ideal Option for Fertility Treatments?


One of the most reputed and trustworthy fertility centres in Essendon, Long Life Health implements its tremendous experience of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and a natural way to facilitate good health and wellness. We use numerous proven and effective methods from herbal medicine to acupuncture. The treatments that we provide can help balance human body hormones, muscle pain, and headaches and help male and female infertility treatment.

Our motive is to provide the best health solutions that give amazing results. You need not worry about anything, our caring and experienced team is here to help and is always available for you throughout your journey. At Long Life Health, we always guide our fertility patients to be positive and provide our long-life medicinal herbs. Our Chinese herbs and acupuncture treatments aim to enhance the effectiveness of fertility treatments. If you would like us to make an appointment to see our healthcare professionals, stay in touch with us at or simply call us at (03) 9375 2928.