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Your body is built with the ability to heal itself. This ability is maintained by your blood flow. Blood contains all the nutrients vital to your existence (oxygen, water, platelets, hormones, proteins, glucose and etc.) and wastes & toxins produced from cellular activities. It is through your blood that your body is able to self-heal. If nutrients are not delivered to every cell in your body, then those cells that lack nutrition will shrivel up and die, just like if you don’t eat and drink every day,  eventually, you will start to wither away.


On the other hand, if waste elimination is hindered then the result is accumulation of wastes and toxins in the area, this is what we call inflammation. If the accumulated waste is not eliminated, eventually the toxins will start to kill all neighboring cells. Basically what started out as a small problem becomes a big problem. Similar if you don’t urinate or have bowel movements every day, guess what happens to all the waste. Since it’s not coming out of your body regularly, then it’s sitting in your intestines and in your body, causing various symptoms and eventually various health problems.


Acupuncture can stimulate your blood flow and guide it to specific areas of your body to nourish cells that have been deprived of nutrition. Acupuncture can also increase blood flow to areas where toxins have accumulated to decrease the accumulation or inflammation. Acupuncture basically turns on the “ON” switch to self-healing for your body.